Soprano Ice laser


Permanently remove unwanted hair and forget about painful and uncomfortable removals. Did you know that during a lifetime a woman in average removes her body hair 10000 – 15000 times? This is usually followed by inflammation, ingrown hair, pigmentation and scars. You waste money and nerves but you do not solve your problem. Use the benefits we offer and leave unwanted hair in the past!

Soprano Ice

The biggest revolution in laser epilation was the SHR technology which appeared 7 years ago. Until then the laser would treat your hair with only one motion, while with SHR technology this was multiplied which in return enabled a more thorough removal and better results. Soprano Xl was the first laser to use SHR technology. After Soprano Xl came a newer version Soprano Xli and the newest Soprano ICE with 3 different wave lengths. Numerous clinical studies and scientific work undoubtedly prove that SHR technology is the most efficient way for permanent hair removal. Soprano ICE features numerous technological innovations that were until now  unknown to us. 

What makes Soprano ICE different from other lasers?

  • This is the first device with 3 lasers for all skin types.
  • Thanks to the number of lasers the treatments can be individually adjusted to the client for better results and safer treatment.
  • Extremely quick treatments, they are 50% quicker thanks to a larger laser surface of the extension.
  • Laser extensions with the largest surface and the larger the surface the deeper the optical energy penetration which then destroys even the deepest hair root.
  • Thanks to SHR technology treatments are done throughout the year on all skin types and on dark skin during the summer.
  • ICE technology is the most advanced cooling system and the treatments are painless and safe.
  • Uses programmed parameters adjusted for all skin types for best results.
  • Thanks to various lasers and different sizes of laser extensions it is possible to provide most optimal, 100% individual treatments.
  • In accordance with the surface and body region we combine laser extensions for better results. It is the only laser which can in cases of discomfort or sensitivity decrease its power without decreasing the result because the duration time is automatically prolonged.
  • Has the greatest power from all devices in the market.
  • Has the most complete solution for all hair types except for white, i.e. gray hair
  • There is no recovery or redness
  • Fewer number of treatments are needed in comparison to other lasers
  • Because of an extremely efficient cooling method, thanks to ICE and SHR technology, it is the safest treatment.
  • The treatment simultaneously, while removing hair, rejuvenates the skin which than speeds up the healing process of ingrown hair and decreases the development of pigmentation
  • Regions are treated in smaller quadrants to evenly distribute the energy for better results and there are no parts which are not treated or were skipped. 

SHR technology

SHR is the greatest revolution in permanent hair removal and represents the most important discovery after the application of laser. The method is unique because the beam is applied 10-12 times on just one hair, while all other lasers do it once. SHR is therefor the most thorough in hair removal. It heats the root of the hair to 42ºC, while other lasers heat it to  65ºC which is why more complications occur and the skin is not cooled down properly. The treatment feels like a warm massage, where the skin is heated with numerous strokes and a great amount of energy is accumulated to destroy the root of the hair. Since the heating process is done evenly the treatment is pleasant and there is no discomfort. The goal of the SHR technology is to deliver a programmed amount of energy in smaller quadrants for a maximum result. 

Which lasers does the Soprano Ice use?

  • 810 nm diode laser
  • 755 nm alexandrite laser
  • 1064 nm neodymium yag laser

In our polyclinic we use the diode and alexandrite laser since there is no need for a neodymium yag laser which is only used for darkest skin types (5 and 6). 

Specialties of the Soprano Ice extensions

On larger body surfaces such as torso and extremities the location of the hair root is really deep. The larger the surface of the laser extension the deeper the optical energy will penetrate the skin and destroy the root more efficiently. Soprano ICE uses an 2x1cm extension for larger surfaces while a 1x1cm extension is used for smaller surfaces because the hair root is not as deep. The result on a certain surface depends on the size of the laser extension. 

Why is it important to combine various laser wave lengths during the treatment?

At the beginning of the treatment most hair is stronger and during the treatment it becomes thinner. This is why the initial laser is not suitable anymore. For thinner hair a 755nm wave length is used and it is the Alexandrite laser. With the Soprano ICE device we can combine various lasers for better results. 

Which laser  is most efficient for lighter hair?

Alexandrite laser is most efficient for removal of lighter hair. Unfortunately it does not work on white, i.e. gray hair, since they have no color to absorb the optical energy. To destroy a light blond hair the main condition is that the laser has a short laser impulse and great power. Other lasers do not have those characteristics and are not efficient with light blonde hair. The main disadvantage of the Alexandrite laser in other devices is that the treatment is extremely unpleasant with frequent skin damages and can only be done on light skin. Soprano ICE is an exception because the Alexandrite laser is painless and doesn't cause discomfort. The newest technology is used to achieve this. Soprano ICE has the strongest and quickest Alexandrite laser, the laser extension has the largest surface and penetrates deeper with significantly better results when compared to other Alexandrite lasers. 

How many treatments are needed and what is the interval between them?

For facial and body treatments 6 treatments are needed in average, and when treating legs about 4 are enough. The interval between body treatments is 2 months and for facial treatments  30 days and more are a minimum. With hormonal disorders the number of needed treatments can be somewhat larger. One maintenance treatment a year is advisable for the body and 1-2 a year for the face. 

What to choose: laser or IPL device?

IPL and lasers function on same principles, i.e. use of optical energy but with the IPL device the beams do not have the same characteristics: the same wave length and direction. With a laser all rays are directed into one beam with the same movement direction and same wave length. For this reason IPL has lesser power and weaker results, because rays penetrate in a shallow way and do not destroy the deeper hair root. Lasers rays are stronger and penetrate deeper. That is why for hair removal an IPL device needs 2-3 treatments more in comparison to the laser.    

What make us different?

  • We have 10 years of experience, knowledge and thousands of satisfied clients
  • Medical expertize and our clients are our priority and not profit
  • In-between the treatments free check ups are mandatory for tracking the results and determining the date of the next treatment
  • We keep developing our professional skills and apply only the newest devices. 

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