The effect of electricity has been known in medicine for years now. In modern medicine electricity had many areas of application, from treating diseases to aesthetic-corrective procedures. Electricity of high frequency provides an electromagnetic field which makes radio-waves or radio-frequency. 

A sudden growth in application of devices which use radio-waves has been noted in the past few years in the aesthetic-corrective field. The first device of that type was Thermage which gave amazing results for that time. Today other similar devices exist which give even better results. 

How do the radio-waves work?

They affect water molecules and provoke their spinning which releases thermal energy which then heats the tissue. The more water the tissue has the better effect the radio-waves will have. That is why it is advised to drink as much water as possible before and during the treatment, at least 2,5 to 3 liters a day. The goal is to heat the tissue to 42-44ºC and hold that temperature for as long as possible. The bigger the temperature and the longer its duration the better effect of the treatment. Radio-waves affect connective tissue, fat cells, sebaceous glands, metabolism, circulation and drainage. The method is not aggressive because no external visible damages are done to the skin and the treatment can be used for all skin types no matter how sensitive the skin is. 

Are radio-waves weight loss treatments?

They are not weight loss treatments but volume reduction and body sculpting treatments, while the effect on weight is negligible. The weight stays the same or a few kilos are lost. Forget the scale because it is not necessary. It is better to measure the volume or to try and wear tight clothes that didn't fit before. In that way you will track success. Ideal candidates are people who do not have excessive weight but cellulite and fat deposits which cannot be removed regardless of dieting and physical activity.  

What do radio-waves affect?

1. Connective tissue

Heat causes damage to the connective tissue, which is the basis of any rejuvenation treatment. Damages cause inflammation which provoke a cascade reaction by creating collagen while strengthening the existing one and rejuvenating the skin. This is important with skin tightening treatments, body sculpting, anti-cellulite treatments or stretch marks reductions. The skin immediately glows, becomes smooth and soft with an enhanced elasticity and tension. The recovery process is a long-lasting one and the results cannot be seen immediately but after a certain period (time needed for recovery). After the treatment a certain result is immediately visible which improves daily in the next 9 to 12 months, after which the final result will become visible.

2. Metabolism

Cell metabolism gets stronger and speeds up, cells have more energy and are more resilient to external harmful stimuli. This is important because with age our metabolism weakens and slows down, which is why the cells are less able to defend and recuperate from external influences. Intensified metabolism induces a decrease in fat cell disintegration.

Circulation and lymphatic drainage

By heating the tissue we activate circulation and lymphatic drainage because vessels expand. A halt of circulation and lymphatic drainage is beneficial for accumulation of harmful substances, while stronger circulation and lymphatic drainage is beneficial for fat dissolution. Accumulated harmful substances and withheld water in the tissue are ejected, which is very important in anti-cellulite treatments. Feet stop with the swelling because the trapped fluid is ejected. Feet are no longer cold nor swollen.

3. Fat cells

Provoke breaking and destruction of the fat cell membrane, they then eject their content into the lymphatic system or the circulatory system and are then secreted from the organism via urine. This is why it is advisable to drink more fluids, because fat can be then more easily removed thorough urine. After their membrane is damaged fat cells die. Secretion of catecholamine is stimulated, a compound which induces an enhanced disintegration of fat cells. By heating the tissue metabolism is intensified along with the consumption of fat as an energy source. The process of cell death and fat ejections is gradual, and in average takes 3 to 9 months.

4. Sebaceous glands

Successfully destroys and disintegrates sebaceous glands with heating, while reducing the size of the pores and skin greasing. This causes a change in the composition of the sebum and a normalization of sebaceous gland performance. Subsequently, black heads appear less. The effect is not visible immediately, but some 30 days after the treatment initial results can be seen. Results then improve within the next 9 months. The treatment has a strong anti-inflammatory effect which is important in acne treatments.  

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