Mesotherapy is an old method (80 years old) which was initially used in France to reduce muscle and joint pain. The goal is to inject certain substances in the superficial skin layer. 

Recently the method has been used for aesthetic-corrective procedures such as: facial rejuvenation, aging prevention, reduction of initial wrinkles, reduction of pigmentation, cellulite and stretch marks removal... Usually vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid, caffeine and other substances are injected. Depending on your goals the best combination of ingredients is chosen. There are numerous companies on the market with products for mesotherapy and currently the leading one is Revitacare. 

Treatment description

Before the treatment the skin is disinfected, no other preparation is needed. The treatment is used for one's face and body. Smallest needles are used, therefor injections are painless and do not cause discomfort. After the injection no traces are seen. The goal is to spread the ingredients evenly with superficial injections. With every injection we insert a minimal amount of the ingredient (a drop). A minor swelling can appear and it will disappear within 15 minutes. There is a possibility to inject the ingredients with electrical energy and this type of mesotherapy is called Aquaphoresis. Dermarollers are basically spiked rollers which make tiny superficial damages to let the ingredients penetrate through the skin. A mesogun is a device which controls the injections: depth, volume and other features. A minor short-term swelling and redness is possible after the treatment. Usually no recovery is needed. 

What are the advantages of this therapy?

The transference of ingredients directly through ones skin is the only way for certain ingredients to reach a certain area where their influence is needed. No matter how much cream you apply or pills you take the various ingredients will never reach the needed area, at least not in sufficient volume. Therefor, mesotherapy is the only method that enables that and deeply nourishes your skin, i.e. gives her the needed ingredients. 

What is new in mesotherapy?

Each day we have better and better products which provide results. The biggest novelty is the application of certain DNA parts and stem cells which give great results in facial rejuvenation. More and more success is achieved in facial rejuvenation, cellulite reduction and the prevention of melasma development. The newest Mesogun model gives complete control over the procedure and better results although the needle is still an unavoidable part of therapy. Specially shaped needles are a great progress in comparison with the older models. Complications that could arise from the treatment have been nullified. 

What does the world and literature think about mesotherapy?

While some authors mark it as dangerous and inefficient (similar as with Lipostabil) most prominent global authors state the opposite, and they have scientific work to back them up. Also, efficiency and safety of this method has been proven with numerous treatments, analysis and tests which have been done worldwide. We can state that this method is scientifically approved. Today, because of its results, mesotherapy is becoming a threat to other methods and devices which are significantly pricier so it is not difficult to conclude what brought to these opposing opinions. In certain countries the method has been banned but more and more countries have been allowing it or lifting the ban. 

Is this method dangerous and what are the possible side-effects?

The greatest danger lies in the hands of amateurs and this method may only be done by a doctor if we desire 100% safety. Another danger lies in the application of false and unapproved products and it is recommended to use only the ingredients produced by famous manufacturers. In theory if the skin is not disinfected enough infection is possible. 

Allergic reactions were known to appear before, but today with progress of technology this is a rarity. Minor short-term bruises are possible. Facial skin can swell and redness can appear but this is short-term. We can state with certainty that this method is extremely safe and reliable. From its beginning the method has progressed not just regarding safety but results as well. Mesotherapy from a few years back has nothing to do with today's mesotherapy so we can almost talk about a new therapy altogether. 

How does it work?

The goal is that the active ingredient reaches the area where they can act. Each product has a different effect and ingredients are chosen in regard to our goals and intent. 

  • Skin rejuvenation:

Vitamins, stem cells, DNA, minerals and protein play a role in skin rejuvenation. Hyaluronic acid withholds water and gives tension to the skin. The goal is to boost one's metabolism and produce new collagen while strengthening the existing one. Wrinkles are reduces and skin becomes tenser while adopting a new look because of the improved quality. Metabolism is stimulated while the skin gets thicker and more resilient to harmful external influences. 

  • Pigmentation bleaching:

There are numerous combinations which affect the existing pigmentation to disappear and cause a slowing down of the pigmentation development process. The goal is to affect the enzyme which creates pigment and in that way prevent the development of enhanced pigmentation only in certain areas. This is one of the best methods for melasma prevention after fractional laser treatments. 

  • Cellulite and fat tissue:

Boosting metabolism and damaging the wall of the cell membrane in fat cells is the goal. After the damage has been done the cell will eject fat acids and in that way get rid of the cellulite, i.e. fat deposits. At the same time this treatment intensifies circulation and drainage. 

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments depends on the indication. In average 1-3 facial treatments are needed while for treating the body 5-12 treatment will have to do, depending if they are combined with some other methods. The interval between the treatments is 10-30 days. It is advisable to undergo maintenance treatments 1-2 times a year.  

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