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In addition to cash payment it is possible to pay with all the credit cards. On the following cards you can pay in installments: 

American Express: up to 6 installments

Diners: from 6 to 12 installments.

Price list Polyclinic Poliderma.

Unless marked by EUR, consider all prices are in Croatian Kuna ( HRK

Dear customers,

If the cost of individual treatments or services are not mentioned in the price list, please contact us via email or phone because of the extensive services, we just mentioned the most commonly requested services.

Some services have a fixed price, while some services have a price range that depends on several factors: the treated surface, the expression changes, the number of pulses of laser… If you want to know the exact cost of treatment of your case, please send us a photo to e-mail. For additional information, feel free to contact us. 

Examination* 40 EUR
Check-up 30 EUR 
Consultations and face analysis with VISIA device 70 EUR 
First examination + mechanical face cleaning 40 EUR 
Mechanical face cleaning 35 EUR 
Microabrasion with oxygen infusion 70 EUR
LED treatments  40 EUR 
*If you book a treatment within the 7 days from examination, the price of treatment is reduced for 40 EUR  

Non surgical facial lifting

Meso threads on request


Revolutionary treatment which combines three technologies and focuses on a particular region  
Body ReShape fat  475 EUR
Body ReShape fit 540 EUR


Nasolabial folds 610-1100 EUR 
Scars 680-1700 EUR 
Face lifting 950-1400 EUR
Anti age 680-1400 EUR
Strije*  680-2100 EUR
Back** /
Keloid scars 270-1400 EUR
*Depending on the surface  
**Depending on active substances   

NEW: Dual Plasma

Acne - single  15-40 EUR
Acne treatment - face*  140-680 EUR 
Acne treatment - back*  475-1400 EUR
Rosacea 70-410 EUR 
Anti aging  410-1650 EUR
Skin condition treatments 70-140 EUR
*Depending on the size of the treated surface  


Face* 1015-1630 EUR
Body - cellulite*  950-1355 EUR
*Final price depends on the state and surface  

NEW: Hair treatments 

Stemm cells treatments  950-2100 EUR

Vitiligo tretments 

Stemm cells vitiligo tretments  950-2975 EUR


Face treatment*   2700-5400 EUR
*the price depends on the power used and the area treated.
For a more specific price send photograph to:

Stem cell treatments

Face rejuvenation treatment* 950-5000 EUR
*Final price is dependent on the technique, exact location and number of single applications.  950-2975 EUR
Scar removal  950-2975 EUR

NEW: Thermi Smooth rejuvenation and tightening

Thermi Smooth eye area treatment (w/o eyelids) - single 100 EUR
Thermi Smooth eye area treatment (w/o eyelids) – PACKAGE of 3 treatments 270 EUR 
Thermi Smooth treatment of eyelids and eye area - single 135 EUR 
Thermi Smooth treatment of eyelids and eye area – PACKAGE of 3 treatments 350 EUR 

NEW: Thermi Face

Face 400 EUR 
Face and neck 470 EUR
Decolette  270 EUR

NEW: Face rejuvenation - Thunder laser

1 treatment 270 EUR
Package 3 treatments 600 EUR

Silhouette soft  

Silhouette soft * – one pair  950 - 1080 EUR
Silhouette soft * – two pairs** 1760 EUR

*the price of treatment depends on the number of cones and threads and the method and technique of application

**the price applies only if two pairs are treated at the same time


NEW: Silhouette soft mini lift *

*Price refers to 1 pair (2 threads) 1220 EUR
Oxygen treatments „Oxy“ 85 EUR


Base treatment ( acne, cleansing )  90 EUR
Deluxe treatment ( face refresh )  120 EUR
Platinum treatment ( face rejuvenation )  160 EUR

Hydrafacial back: 

Cleansing 120 EUR
Scars, pigmentation 200 - 270 EUR

Black Peel

Black peel laser treatments 410 EUR 
Black peel laser acne removal treatments 30-410 EUR

Venus Legacy:

Face 175 EUR
Face and neck 200 EUR
Neck and chin 150 EUR 
Arms 90 EUR 
Abdomen 90 EUR 
Legs 150 EUR 
Venus Legacy special offers  
3 treatments package: Face 400 EUR 
6 treatments package ( 4+2 GRATIS ) - abdomen 810 EUR
6 treatments package ( 4+2 GRATIS  ) - legs 810 EUR

Med Contour Multipower

Arms:  90 EUR
Abdomen, waist 240 EUR
Legs 240 EUR 
Med Contour Multipower special offers  
6 treatments package ( 4+2 GRATIS ) - abdomen  810 EUR 
6 treatments package ( 4+2 GRATIS ) - legs   810 EUR 

Laser treatments: 

Facial redness 210-470 EUR
Melasma 270-950 EUR
Rosacea 70-540 EUR 
Hemangiomas 150-950 EUR
Angiomas 70-540 EUR 
Facial cappilaries 70-540 EUR 
Leg capillaries and veins 150-950 EUR 
Tattos 150- 675 EUR 
Sample of tattoo 40-70 EUR
Nails 70-340 EUR
Facial rejuvenation 70-675 EUR
Decollete rejuvenation 150-450 EUR 
Neck rejuvenation 150-450 EUR 
Fist rejuvenation 70-405 EUR 
Scars 70-810 EUR 
Pigmentation 70-450 EUR
Moles 70-500 EUR 
Benevolent changes 70-540 EUR 
Strech marks 150-1000 EUR
Keloids 60-450 EUR
Fibroma 70-610 EUR
Herpes 70-170 EUR 
Enlarged pores 70-540 EUR
Acne 40-675 EUR 


Chin 90 EUR 
Top of the lip 40 EUR 
Chin and top of the lip 150 EUR 
Face 170-220 EUR 
Neck 170 EUR
Nipples 80 EUR 
Chest* 240-300 EUR
Back** 340 EUR
Back of the neck 170 EUR 
Shoulders 140 EUR
Abdomen (men) 210-270 EUR 
Abdomen (women) 95-140 EUR 
Forearm 170-220 EUR
Armpit 110 EUR 
Breech 190-230 EUR 
Bikini*** 140 EUR 
Lower leg 270 EUR 
Thighs 230 EUR 
Whole legs 340 EUR 
Whole legs and bikini**** 410 EUR 

PRP rejuvenation

PRP 4 ml + radio waves of face + facial examination VISIA 410 EUR 
PRP 4 ml + meso threads 6x + facial examination VISIA 540 EUR 
MATRIX + radio waves of face + examination VISIA 450 EUR 
MATRIX + meso threads 6x + facial examination VISIA 590 EUR 


Hyaluronic acid* 190 EUR
Growth factors* 210 EUR
Special discount is applied for three or more treatments.   

Fillers with hyaluronic acid

Lips 475-540 EUR
Wrinkles  410-540 EUR 
Dark circles 410-540 EUR 
Tea through 410-540 EUR
Shaping of cheeks 410-475 EUR 
Teosyal 3 ml  950 EUR 
Teosyal  1 ml deep line 340 EUR 
Teosyal 1 ml RH 3 410 EUR 
Teosyal 1 ml RH 4 475 EUR 

Dermal fillers

2.5% 1.4 ml  270 EUR
2.5% 2.8 ml 475 EUR 
3.5% 1.4 ml 475 EUR 
3.5% 2.8 ml 815 EUR 


Eyes 70 EUR
Forehead 140-270 EUR
Eyebrows 270-340 EUR
Forehead+Eyebrows 410-475 EUR 
Gummy smile 95 EUR
Increased sweating 405-450 EUR


Vaginal rejuvenation 820 EUR
Ellansé Collagen biostimulators - 1 ml *  
One year 475-540 EUR
Two years 540-674 EUR
Three years 810-945 EUR
Four years 945-1085 EUR
*Price for 1 ml, if another 1 ml is used then the price for the second is -40%  

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