Under eye bags treatment

Under eye bags treatment and methods

One of the main aging signs are the bags underneath one's lower eyelids. They give a tired and ill look and significantly deteriorate your appearance. By correcting the under-eye bags we improve your look, you look fresher, rested and younger. There are not many treatments, which like this one significantly improve one's look with a minimal correction. 

One of the causes for the eye bags to appear is the weakening of the skin ligament which supports the fat tissue inside the eye cavity. The role of the fat tissue inside the cavity is to support the eyes. When ligaments weaken, the fat tissue penetrates outside the eye cavity and creates bags under the eyes. The second reason is the accumulation of lymph and blood stasis with eye circles or thyroid conditions. The accumulated liquid expands the skin and with time bags are created. Genetic factors also provoke the creation of eye bags but in this case the condition appears at a much younger age, usually in one's twenties. If genetic factors are the case we recommend treatments as soon as possible. The third main cause is the weakening of connective tissue, causing the skin to wrinkle and thin out. Allergies can also provoke their development and must not be excluded. 

Typical eye bags appear after the age of 30 or 40. External factors, sun as the main one, weaken the connective tissue causing them to appear. With some people more factors responsible for their creation appear simultaneously. This is one of the most common aesthetic-corrective conditions in men. Before undergoing any procedure it is necessary to determine the causes and the type of under-eye bags. Except for surgery (blepharoplasty) there are other non-surgical methods. 

Types of under-eye bags:

  • saggy: damages of the connective tissue without the penetration of fat
  • firm: fat tissue penetration
  • combined: damaged connective tissue and fat tissue penetration 

What is the goal of the treatment?

The goal is to affect the fat or connective tissue individually or simultaneously. We need to strengthen and tighten the connective tissue and in that way reduce the penetration of the fat tissue. If there is pigmentation in the area of the lower eyelid, we remove it with a laser. If we are dealing with penetrated fat tissue some of this tissue must be reduces, taking into account to reduce just a small amount. Aging is the loss of fat tissue, which can be seen in the area between the lower eyelids and cheeks. If we remove too much fat tissue then we are helping the aging process and get a hollow face which has a tired, sick and old look. If volume is missing underneath the lower eyelid, which is usually the case, then we must compensate with fillers or our own fat tissue. In case of surgery too much excess skin mustn't be removed. The greatest challenge is to find a balance in tightening, i.e. removal of excess skin and reduction, i.e. fat tissue volume compensation.   

Treatments and methods:


The goal is to inject Co2, which stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage. This causes new collagen to be created and strengthens the connective tissue. The amount of fat tissue is reduced. The gas is being injected by needles but the treatment is not painful or uncomfortable. Minor discomfort in initial treatments is possible but this will stop eventually. 4-8 treatments are needed with an interval of 7-20 days. Usually, no recovery is needed, minor swelling which appears goes away within 24 h. Results are usually visible after 30 days and improve in the next few months. 


Electro-magnetic energy is used to dissolve fat tissue, strengthen the connective tissue and create new collagen. The method is not painful or unpleasant. No recovery is needed and initial results can be seen after 30 days, and improve in the next 9 months. 3-6 treatments are needed. 


A natural skin ingredient is used, hyaluronic acid, which is injected with a needle. The goal is to create new collagen, compensate for the lost hyaluronic acid and volume. Fillers are used for volume loss, the goal is to compensate for that loss and reduce the bags with a lifting effect. 1 treatment is necessary and the results usually last 9-14 months. No recovery is needed after the treatment because make up covers any bruises. Short-term swelling can rarely occur. 

Fractional erbium laser

The laser provokes microscopic damages underneath the skin which are then ejected and replaced with new tissue. A strong skin tightening and rejuvenation affect is achieved. Simultaneously removes pigmentation under the lower eyelids. The existing connective tissue significantly strengthens and creates new tissue. 1-3 treatments are needed with an average recovery of 2-5 days. The skin looks like you fell asleep in the sun (has a red-brown color). Usually the signs of the procedure can be covered by make up the day after, but a minor swelling is possible (1-2 days). Initial results can be seen after the signs of the procedure disappear and they improve in the next 12 months. Cold air is used in the treatment to reduce discomfort.   

Fractional Co2 laser

This laser functions the same as the erbium laser, only recovery can be prolonged for 1-3 days. 1-3 treatments are necessary and the results can be seen sooner in comparison to the erbium laser. Usually cooling with cold air is used and local anesthesia (cream or injection) is applied. 

Fractional radio-waves

This method uses electro-magnetic energy instead of optical energy. The principle is the same as with other fractional lasers. 2-4 treatments are needed, and recovery takes 1-3 days. 

Erbium laser

Wrinkles are removed mechanically with optical energy and a strong tightening effect is achieved because of the heating effect on the connective tissue. 3-7 days are needed for recovery, and 1-3

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