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Silhouette soft face lift treatment

At the moment the most efficient non surgical method for skin lifting and tightening. A thread is introduced underneath your skin via special needles. The procedure is painless and done using a local anesthesia and usually no recovery period is needed. A thread from polyactic acid, which has been used in medicine to treat everything from hip to heart in the past decades, is used. The thread dissolves completely and vanishes from the organism while boosting the development of new collagen. Special cone shaped extensions are integrated into the thread and this is why the procedure has such a strong lifting effect. While the thread is dissolving there is a strong skin rejuvenation effect – your skin immediately becomes fresher, significantly prettier, has better structure, look and quality. The results can be seen immediately and they get better with time. In average the result lasts for 18 months but cannot be predicted accurately. 1 treatment is needed. There is no dependency or deterioration of  condition after the thread is dissolved and your skin condition is improved. 

What is Silhouette soft?

It is a non invasive method of facial sculpting and lifting by using needles which introduce threads under your skin. The goal is for the mentioned thread to provoke a lifting and anti-aging effect and then to dissolve completely and disappear from one's body. This method was created in America and has been in successful use globally for 5 years. This is a 100% safe method which is an alternative to face lifting and it gives you that natural look. 

Why do we use Silhouette soft?

Its main use is for face lifting, tightening, facial sculpting and wrinkle reduction. The method is used for tightening of the dewlap and eyelid lifting as well. Certain doctors use it for body tightening, for example a tummy tuck after childbirth where the main issue is excess skin, or for upper arms, thighs and bottom. At the moment it is not a common practice to use the method on body parts other than one's face, but this will probably change with time. 

To whom do we recommend Silhouette soft?

First we recommend it to people who want a youthful natural facial look without surgery. It is advised to use this method after the age of 40. An ideal candidate would be someone who is loosing facial contours, where face is sagging, the lower part of the face is losing weight, bags are developing in the lower jaw area and wrinkles are appearing in the corners of the mouth, nasolabial wrinkles are strongly accentuated as are eye circles. 

Treatment description

After a detailed conversation and treatment explanation one's face is cleansed from make up in our facility. Then an anesthesia injection follows in the area where a needle will be inserted. Some doctors dot the lines where the needles will be introduced, but this is not necessary. A before and after photo of the face must be taken, preferably with Visia which gives the best results. Silhouette soft is made of threads which have 2 needles on both ends. After the anesthesia kicks in, every needle end is drawn under the skin where the thread stays. Excess of thread is cut off. After that a facial massage for better results is performed. 1-3 threads are introduced in every half of your face. 2 threads of different length are used and the longer the thread the better the lifting effect. Various techniques for introducing the needles under one's skin may be used. It is not necessary to use more than one pair of threads and if needed 1 to 2 pairs can be added. In cases of severe sagging of the face it is necessary to use more pairs of threads. Results depend on the technique of drawing the thread under the skin, on their length and number. 

What is the composition of the Silhouette soft thread?

Polylactic acid is used, an acid used for decades for everything from heart surgery to prosthetics.  It is a 100% degradable material which would otherwise not be used in heart surgeries. A special feature of the thread is that it has cone shaped extensions which stick to your skin and therefor have an extremely strong lifting effect. After the dissolution there is no deterioration or treatment dependency and your face looks significantly better then before the treatment. 

How does Silhouette soft work?

The main effect is facial lifting and tightening which also reduces wrinkles. For that effect we have the thread cones to thank. One of the advantages of the treatment is that by lifting the sagging face, volume is restored in the area where it was previously lost. While the thread dissolves there is an extremely strong rejuvenation and skin regeneration effect which can be seen through a significantly improved look and skin quality. Also new collagen is developed. The results are visible immediately but they improve in the following months. This especially applies to the rejuvenation effect. Your face glows, looks fresh, rested and healthy and is followed by a lifting effect.    

For what is this treatment used?

  • Face lifting: moderate to strong sagging of the face
  • facial sculpting and accentuation of contours
  • cheek lifting and sculpting while accentuating the cheekbones
  • eyebrow lifting
  • lower jaw accentuation and removal of bags under the corners of the mouth
  • wrinkle reduction: nasolabial, around the eyes and corners of the mouth 

Results depend on the doctor's experience. and the main precondition for successful results is to place the threads in the right areas so that the lifting effect is achieved. For this experience is needed. Apart from that, the composition of the thread used, number of cones, number of threads are all important. A shorter thread, apart from having a lifting effect brings back the volume by lifting your face. A longer thread has an exclusively lifting effect. It is extremely important which technique of drawing threads is used: the U, V or angle technique.  

To whom  do we recommend the Silhouette soft treatment?

It is recommended to people who wish to keep their youthful but natural look with a moderate to severe sagging of the face. This treatment is ideal for people who are afraid of surgery and desire a natural look. The treatment is perfectly combined with fillers, Botox and other treatments. 

What are the contraindications for the Silhouette soft treatment?

  • Pregnancy
  • autoimmune diseases which are not under control
  • polylatic acid allergies
  • extreme sagging of the face
  • infection and inflammations in the treatment area
  • blood coagulation disorders and people under therapy against blood coagulation
  • people with blood coagulation disorders 

What is the difference between the mesothread treatment and Silhouette soft?

With mesothreads a different material - polydioxanone, which lasts shorter, is used. The biggest difference is that mesothreads do not have such a strong lifting effect and have a shorter duration time. In average 10 to 50 mesothreads are needed per half of the face while with Silhouette soft 1 to 3 threads are used for the same area. 

Are there any complications?

A swelling can occur after the treatment and it will pass usually in 1-3 days. Most people can go to work on the same day. Bruising is possible but can be covered by make up. Infections, nerve damage or damages of blood vessels are extremely rare. If a proper facial massage of the treated part is not done a temporary irregularity of the skin surface is possible. 

What should be done after the treatment?

The area where the threads were drawn should be treated with an antibiotic cream. It is inadvisable to go to the dentists 7 days after the treatment, to sleep on your chest and take facial massages. It is advised to avoid facial treatments for about 30 days. 

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