skin redness blood vessels cure treatment

Rosacea skin redness cure treatment

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory condition with a tendency to develop redness and blood vessels. This disease cannot be cured, but can be put under control successfully. In later stages inflammation changes similar to acne appear. We are dealing with an enhanced sensitivity of the blood vessels to external stimuli, they expand due to blood flow which gives the skin its redness. Soon, blood vessels shrink and the redness disappears. If stimuli are often, the redness becomes permanent as well as the development of blood vessels. Blood vessels are permeable and that is why a part of the blood leaks into the intercellular area which then provokes inflammation and changes similar to acne. 

What is the cause of this condition?

Newest research points out that maybe the main cause for rosacea is the enhanced production or activity of a protein which provokes inflammation and in that way protects the organism from infection. It seems that rosacea appears because of the inflammation that protein provokes. Other factors are important in the development of rosacea. Genes are important because most of the affected have someone in the family with the same problem. Initially only a tendency for redness exists but provoking factors like heat, any heat source, spicy and hot food, cold, sun, alcohol based lotions play a major role in the development of rosacea. If the provoking factors keep repeating there is a strong possibility that a tendency will grow into a disease. Attacks of redness are often in menopause because of hormonal changes, and stress is also one of the common triggers. 

How to treat rosacea?

It is usually treated with various creams and antibiotics with anti-inflammatory performance. Lasers and IPL device technology have helped tremendously in the battle against rosacea and are at this moment the best treatments. The IPL treatment is effective because it is directed on the cause of the condition - blood vessels. By destroying the blood vessels the tendency for redness and inflammation will reduce. Inflammation changes, such as acne and redness attacks are successfully put under control. Most importantly, later growth of sebaceous glands in men (nose is affected) is prevented. Sometimes rosacea can affect just the nose or the chin with the development of larger blood vessels and capillaries, especially in men. Apart from the aesthetic importance, rosacea is a disease which attacks the eyes and can impair one's sight. Most patients have difficulties with their sight such as flushing and itching, which has been treated as conjunctivitis.  

Patients are advised to contact an ophthalmologist in case there are problems with their sight. The drug of choice for those issues are systemic antibiotics. Prevention is of uttermost importance for putting the disease under control, i.e. avoidance of provoking factors because no therapy will help otherwise. Heat and other heat sources: stoves, heaters and ovens should be avoided and rooms are not to be overheated. One should not drink or eat something that is hot, and spicy food should be avoided. Care products must be gentle and mustn't contain alcohol. 

How many treatments are needed?

1 to 3 treatments are needed to remove capillaries and veins. While removing the redness 3 to 5 treatments are needed. 1 to 3 treatments are needed in case of connective tissue and sebaceous gland overgrowth. Capillaries have a tendency of returning so the treatment is usually repeated once every several years. When treating redness a maintenance treatment should be performed 1 to 2 times a year.

1. Blood vessels – apart from being an aesthetic issue they provoke the development of inflammation because they leak blood into the tissue, causing inflammation. For details see services under capillaries.

2. Redness – not just an aesthetic problem. If of longer duration it induces the development of blood vessels which aggravates the condition. For details see services under redness.

3. Phymatous changes – in later stages of the condition, usually in men, connective tissue with sebaceous glands overgrows and affects one's physical appearance. Usually the nose is affected which gives one a grotesque look. The goal of the treatment is to mechanically destroy the connecting tissue and sebaceous glands, which is done with an erbium laser.   

AFT treatment

Blood vessels which expand and cause facial redness are destroyed with optical energy. The treatment is used for redness and smaller capillaries reduction. The treatment also has an anti-inflammatory effect and reduces tingling, itching and irritation and speeds up the healing of inflammatory changes such as acne. The goal is to reduce the unpleasant facial redness attacks. 2 to 3 treatments are needed and 1 to 2 maintenance treatments are needed afterwards since the condition has a tendency of coming back. Usually no recovery is needed. 

KTP laser

Destroys smaller capillaries and facial redness. 

Pulsed Dye laser

Is considered a main method for removing capillaries and facial redness. After the treatment bruising is possible. Bruises appear because of the laser destroying the capillaries. 

Neodymium Yag laser

This laser mechanically destroys the blood vessels followed by a strong anti-inflammatory effect while changes, such as acne, retreat. The treatment is ideal for deeper moderate and larger vessels, even though minor blood vessels that are superficial can be removed. The laser also eliminates tingling, itching and irritation. 1 to 3 treatments are needed and a combination with the AFT treatment is advised. There is no recovery period needed. 

Erbium laser

The laser is used for mechanical removal of nasal changes which occur due to the overgrowth of the sebaceous glands with the connective tissue. The appearance of the nose oftentimes affects your overall look. 1 to 3 treatments are needed. Recovery takes 5 to 10 days.

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