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Rejuvenation treatments are recommended to people who wish to keep their youthful look, with slight and moderately accentuated skin damages caused by the sun (wrinkles, lifeless skin, capillaries, redness and pigmentation).

To whom do we recommend rejuvenation treatments?

They are recommended to peoplewho wish to keep a youthful look, with minor or moderately damaged skin caused by sun exposure such as wrinkles, lifeless skin, capillaries, redness and pigmentation. Numerous research have shown that most examinees, contrary to expectations, do not think of wrinkles as signs of aging, but of pigmentation and complexion unevenness due to skin damage caused by the sun. Treatments are recommended before an important event, if you want to sparkle and look nice. If you don't have enough time for yourself and you want to remove the tired and lifeless look after a sleepless night then these treatments are of extreme help. The look and quality of skin are improved immensely. If you stayed too long in the sun and have damaged your skin, these are the best treatments for removing the done damage. 

When are these treatments recommended?

Treatments in order to prevent aging are recommended after your 30s and until your 50s. There is no age limit for removing signs of damaged skin. Newest research has proved that it is possible to considerably slow down the aging process if the treatments are applied in time. More aggressive treatments or operations are not needed then. The basic mistake is that most people wait for the wrinkles to develop and then they consider taking action. For best results it is recommended to start with the treatments on time, although it is never too late. 

What do we treat?

  • Face
  • neck
  • decollete
  • forearms
  • fists

Which treatment to choose?

The doctor chooses the treatment type in accordance with your skin condition and quality. To achieve best results sometimes a combination of different treatments, which are not aggressive and can be repeated, is recommended regardless of skin sensitivity or damages. 

Early aging

One of the main reasons for premature aging is the sun. Skin damages caused by the sun are added throughout the life and become more and more visible. Since we can damage up to 80% of our skin until we are only 18 it is of uttermost importance to care for our skin before that. Although we should protect our skin from the sun throughout our whole life. Sun induces the development of blood vessels and capillaries and redness appears on exposed areas. Pigmented cells are damaged and they do not produce enough melanine which protects us from the sun. Undamaged pigmented cells start an enhanced production of pigmentation  to protect our skin and thus cause pigmentation. If skin damage is severe loss of pigment occurs. With rejuvenation treatments we remove signs of premature aging. 

Signs of premature aging:

  • pigmentation
  • dry, thin and sensitive skin
  • capillaries and redness of skin
  • enlarged pores
  • initial and moderate wrinkles
  • uneven skin complexion
  • thin skin 

What do we achieve with this treatment

Minor and moderate wrinkles around ones eyes are reduced and the development of new wrinkles is prevented. The skin becomes more tense, elastic, smoother and generally looks better. That tired and lifeless look is removed and your face becomes fresher and glows. Unevenness of complexion, i.e. skin is removed as well. By stimulating the metabolism, which slows down with age, the skin becomes more resilient, thicker and stronger. The development of new collagen reduces wrinkles and improves the overall look and skin quality. Pigmentation, capillaries and redness cannot be removed completely but can be reduces significantly. This treatment is not intended for treating melasma, although it has some beneficial effects. 

Which treatments are used?

AFT treatment

Capillaries are burned, redness is removed and pigmentation destroyed with optical energy. The goal of this treatment is to burn the pigmentation, capillaries and redness which will then peel off in a few days. Minor wrinkles are removed in purpose of refreshing the skin and to give it a significantly better look and quality. 


The connective tissue is damaged with electro-magnetic energy which is then repaired by the organism an followed by an effect of rejuvenation and skin tightening. Wrinkles are reduced, the skin becomes soft, smooth and elastic. The final result is visible in the next few months. 

Neodymium Yag laser

The principle and the effect is the same as with radio-waves, only optical energy is used but the effects are somewhat weaker. 

Fractional radio-waves

The treatment has a double effect: a peeling effect and tightening of skin followed by the creation of new connective tissue which additionally reduces wrinkles. High frequency electricity is used, which then creates an electro-magnetic field, i.e. radio-waves which change the movement direction with great speed. Thereby water molecules are being treated and they start turning and create an energy which then damages the tissue and causes inflammation. The created damage and inflammation are a sign for the organism to create new connective tissue and strengthen the existing one. This is followed by a strong tightening effect and skin rejuvenation. A peeling effect is created through contact of the spike like extensions with the skin causing it to peel. The old damaged skin is then being replaced with new one. With this process superficial irregularities such as wrinkles, scars, pigmentation and enlarged pores are removed. This treatment is extremely quick, it lasts 30 to 60 seconds and almost no uneasiness is felt because of its quickness. The skin remains red 1 to 3 days although redness can sometimes last only several hours. The skin should be treated with a skin care cream and cold compresses. The result is visible immediately after the treatment and in the next 6 months improvements will be visible on a daily basis.  

Fractional non-ablative laser

The goal is to induce microscopic damages underneath the skin which will then be ejected and replaced with new connective tissue. In that way pigmentation is removed and skin quality improved. This treatment is painless and does not cause complications. After the treatment your skin will darken as if you fell asleep in the sun.


Hyaluronic acid which is a structural ingredient of our skin is used. Hyaluronic acid reduces with time and our skin becomes dry, wrinkled and of lesser quality. Acid is injected into the skin with needles. The treatment is not painful or unpleasant. Generally there are no complications apart from rare bruising which heals in a few days. The goal of this treatment is for the skin to gain volume, strength and tension and hyaluronic acid is responsible for that. 

Q-switched KTP laser

Removes pigmentation with optical energy. As a sign of being destroyed pigmentation darkens and starts to peel. The treatment is painless and there is no need for recovery. 

Pulsed Dye laser

Used for removal of capillaries, redness and pigmentation and for skin rejuvenation. 

LED technology

Diodes are used which rejuvenate with a light of a certain wave length and induce development of new collagen and stimulate the metabolism. 

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