Lips are one of the symbols of femininity. Fullness of lips is desirable because it is connected with beauty, youth, attractiveness and health. Thin lips are connected with aging and sickness. Therefor, it is not odd that most women want to have accentuated lips. Nature provided this feature to the lucky ones, while some women unfortunately have thin lips from birth. It is typical that with age lips get thinner, especially th upper one, and applying lipstick gets harder. 

How to correct your lips?

Fillers are used for this particular problem since they mechanically fill out the gaps and correct the volume and shape of the lip. Initially collagen was used but now not as much because of often and serious complications. Also with collagen, lips would usually have an unnatural look. Along with collagen one's own fat tissue is used. Hyaluronic acid, a structural skin ingredient, has become the main and best preparation for lip correction. Apart from giving the best results, it is also the safest solution. Its role is to link with water and give elasticity and fullness of skin. With years its amount decreases and lips get thinner. New products for lip correction are being produces daily, and it is impossible to count them all. 

Which issues can be corrected?

Before the treatment it is necessary to explain in detail what you wish to be corrected:

  • augmentation
  • accentuating the edge of the lip
  • correcting the lip angles
  • everything mentioned 

To what should you pay attention before the treatment?

With first lip correction it is advised to use fillers based on hyaluronic acid which last from 3 to 10 months. Do not start a treatment with fillers that last longer because complications are more common and serious. The safest fillers are the ones based on hyaluronic acid because of minimal complications, which if they do occur pass quickly. Also, use only fillers from tested manufacturers. Before the treatment have the doctor introduce you with all the details of the procedure and explain to him your wishes. Do not go over board with augmentation because big is not always pretty. Sometimes it is better just to accentuate the edges.

It is advised that the initial treatment is discrete, and if needed fillers can be added. It is easier to add more filler, while in cases where we start with too much our correcting options are limited. If too much filler was added the only option is to wait for it to dissolve on its own, which is a long time, or to try and dissolve it with an injection by which we disintegrate the filler in its entirety. It is necessary to choose a filler type which suits the conditions of your lips. The filler mustn't be too dense, but of moderately thick consistency which is a prerogative of a natural look. There are various techniques for correcting lips, and let the doctor recommend the best one. Usually the upper lip and corners of the mouth are treated. If needed surrounding wrinkles can be treated as well. For you to look your best we recommend a correction of the upper lip beneath the nostrils. The lower lip is rarely corrected because usually there is no need. Lip corrections are demanding because great experience of the doctor is needed. The doctor's imagination is also important because it effects the final result. 

What is important to know?

The lips will be significantly swollen because of the treatment and we won't be able to asses the results. Usually the swelling passes the same or the next day. Therefor, to asses the results we need to wait for the swelling to pass. In people who wish to augment or accentuate their lips discreetly the problem appears when lips are initially bigger then they desired. You do not need to fear because they reduce. Sometime women even feel disappointed when the swelling disappears. If needed they can be corrected again. Because of the swelling sometimes it is hard to evaluate if we injected an even amount of filler and rarely, after the swelling passes, we need to correct the difference. 

How many treatments are needed?

Usually one, repeated treatments are an exception. 

How long is the recovery?

Most women can go back to work the next day or they have a minor swelling for a couple of days.

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