facial deep cleansing pore

Facial deep cleansing pore

Facial cleansing is a daily part of skin care. It is a common disbelief that by washing our face with water we clean it. We do not remove the filth from the pores or grease from our skin with water, or do we clean it, basically we are just drying it. Water cannot clean the grease from the face because grease does not melt in water. After hydration our skin rapidly looses moistness and becomes dry. 

To thoroughly clean our face from make up, grease and filth it is necessary to use milk, lotion or a cleaning gel which removes all of the above because of its chemical structure. Blackheads, i.e. comedones cannot be removed in that way nor can the accumulated filth in the pores be removed. Therefor, a mechanical cleansing, oxygen micro-abrasion or laser peeling is needed. With daily make up and facial cream application, and due to external conditions especially smog, we clog up our pores and our skin cannot breathe. Accumulated filth causes the development of acne and deteriorates our complexion and facial condition. The goal is to mechanically open the clogged pores so they can empty the blackheads and eject other impurities. The type of cleansing is determined in accordance with one's skin type, pores and blackhead shape and sometimes various methods are combined. The frequency of cleansing depends on the skin type, with greasy skin it is more frequent and with dry skin less often. For best results it is recommended to use peelings, local retinoids or azelaic acid which keeps the pores open and empties them. One of the greatest misconceptions is that one's face should be cleansed only in cases of acne. Everybody needs to clean their face from time to time if they wish to look beautiful. 

Mechanical facial cleansing

To many it represents a nightmare and they get goosebumps only at the mention of the term because few days of recovery are usually needed. Some state that there are scars or enlarged pores afterwards. But is it really so? The goal of this type of cleansing is to remove closed blackheads which look like small lumps and inflammatory changes, i.e. acne. We steam the skin to loosen it up, to expand the pores and in that way clean the skin more easily. We use small needles to puncture the blackhead and tho pop it with our fingers. The puncture is not painful nor does it scar. The popping is not pleasant on certain areas, for instance in the nasal area, or in cases of stronger inflammations.

Because of the popping sometimes small scabs form, skin redness appears or superficial wounds  are created and there is need for a recovery period. Usually the recovery is short - 1 day. If there are a lot of blackheads and inflammatory changes, the recovery can last a few days longer. With the initial cleansing greater force is needed to pop the blackhead. Therefor initial cleansings are not pleasant but later treatments are easier and there is almost no recovery. Local retinoids, peelings and azelaic acids decrease the need for stronger pressure by opening up the pores and that is why the later treatments are not as painful and do not require recovery. Scars do not appear because of the cleansing treatment but because of the inflammation which would lead to scaring anyway, cleansing can reduce that scar to a minimum. The main role of mechanical cleansing is to prevent inflammation and development of scars. Most scars that are a result of acne appear because cleansing was not done on time. Therefor, we recommend a treatment on the first sign of inflammation. If we avoid treatments the scars can only get bigger. The truth is that non-expert staff can make minor damages to your skin so you must pay attention to whom you go to. Medical supervision is advised. Sometimes there is a possibility of an inflammatory change because of the treatment. We then advise an examination to resolve the issue. This type of cleansing is not suitable for oily skin, especially for skin with enlarged pores. In those cases a blackhead can be removed only with popping without the use of needles. The treatment is repeated in accordance with the skin type, every 30 days or longer. 

Oxygen micro-abrasion

This method represents the greatest progress in facial cleansing. It is recommended for all skin types regardless of skin thickness or sensitivity. A saline mixed with oxygen is injected into the smallest pores at about 200km/h. This thoroughly cleans your face since it removes all blackheads and impurities. Due to the peeling effect dead cells are removed and replaced with new ones, which significantly improves the condition and quality of your skin. We can say that this is a complete deep facial cleansing. This method is not painful or unpleasant and there is no recovery needed. Most users state that it is rather pleasant. You will feel water spraying your face followed by a soft breeze. The treatment does not make your skin thinner, quite the opposite. It has the effect of making skin more thick and resilient. The oxygen has a beneficial effect on your skin and rejuvenates it. The skin heals faster because of the oxygen and so the acne causing bacteria is destroyed. This method is therefor recommended to people with acne problems and problematic complexion.. It also has the effect of a mild to moderately strong peeling. There are no wounds or redness of skin. This is the method of choice for those with oily or mixed skin, especially for those with enlarged pores. It can be used to refreshen your face as well. Mechanical cleansing is usually not used for oily skin because that skin type is oftentimes sensitive and wounds and scabs can appear which require a long recovery time. Popping cannot thoroughly clean and empty enlarged pores.

This method works best for cleansing of blackheads but does not work on closed comedones which have to be removed mechanically. The treatment is repeated once a month or every 2 to 6 months. 

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