facial capillaries and veins treatment removal

facial capillaries treatment removal

The sun is the main culprit for capillary and facial vein visibility. It makes the skin thinner and causes a release of substances which create new capillaries. Smaller capillaries mainly appear in areas which are exposed to the sun the most: your nose, cheeks and underneath your eyes. In certain areas capillaries are dense and create a redness. Larger capillaries and veins can appear in the nasal area and throughout your whole face. Along with sun exposure, rosacea is the second main cause of their development. With rosacea there is a tendency of facial redness caused by external stimulus and there is a tendency of development of new capillaries. 

How to remove veins and capillaries?

The main method in the past was to burn them with electricity, which caused frequent complications. The method could remove only smaller capillaries. Application of devices which use optical energy: lasers, IPL and SFT treatments has marked the greatest progress in their treatment. The treatment principle is based on  mechanical destruction of veins and capillaries with optical energy. Hemoglobin, a protein in the red blood cell, absorbs the laser beam while  energy which destroys blood vessels is released. IPL devices and AFT treatments destroy small capillaries and redness of skin. Lasers with a 755nm wave length can be used, but their use is not common. A diode laser with a 980nm removes moderately large and larger capillaries and smaller veins. Neodymium Yag laser 1064nm removes all capillaries and veins regardless of their size and color. 

Is it possible to completely remove all veins and capillaries?

It is not possible, or is it necessary to do so, but they can be removed almost completely. Capillaries and veins have a tendency of reappearing, especially if you keep exposing them to the sun.

Is the treatment painful or unpleasant?

The treatment is not painful. Minor uneasiness is possible while treating the nasal region. The treatment lasts from several seconds to a few minutes, after which you ice the areas for 15-30 minutes. Make up can be applied immediately after the treatment. 

How many treatments are necessary?

The first treatment is performed with a weaker laser strength in order to see the skin's reaction and prevent complications. In average, 1 to 3 treatments are needed. Number of needed treatments cannot be predicted. In case of a sun damaged skin or skin sensitivity, we recommend a few treatments more as a safety measure. Rarely there is an individual who does not react to the treatment, or the results achieved are weaker. Intervals between treatments should be around 30 days. 

What are the possible complications?

In order to prevent complications, the treated area should be cooled with an ice pack or cold bandages 1 to 2 days after the treatment. Along with that you should avoid all direct heat sources, such as heaters or ovens.

Usually a redness of skin appears but passes really quickly. Scars are almost a negligible threat. A minor scab or skin damage can appear if certain capillaries or veins are located near the skin surface. Rarely after the treatment a swelling can appear, or a tingling in the treated area. In such  a case report to your doctor immediately. These problems are immediately solved with an injection. Minor bruising is also possible when removing smaller capillaries and they heal within a few days. 

When is the result visible?

The results are usually visible within 2 to 4 weeks after the treatment, because it takes that long for the organism to remove the capillaries and veins. Usually smaller capillaries disappear immediately, which is not always the case. 

Do the veins and capillaries return after the treatment?

Treated veins and capillaries do not reappear, but there is a possibility of new ones appearing. For that reason, if new ones appear, sometimes it is necessary to perform a maintenance treatment, once every couple of years. After the treatment it is necessary to protect yourself from the sun by applying protective sun lotions. 

Neodymium Yag laser

Some capillaries and veins disappear suddenly while others drag on for the next 3-4 weeks when results of the treatment can be assessed. 1-3 treatments are needed. Some capillaries and veins are more visible after the treatment which is a sign that they are destroyed and they will disappear within a few weeks. Minor short-term bruising is possible. If after the first treatment some capillaries are still visible only those will be treated the next time. The interval between the treatments is at least 30 days. The treatment can be unpleasant but is really quick and therefor bearable. 

Pulse dye laser

Functions the same as the Neodymium Yag laser but is a bit less unpleasant in comparison and leaves bruises that easily heal. Everything else is the same. Is used for treating smaller capillaries. 

Aft treatment

This treatment can be used as an auxiliary method for removing smaller capillaries and is used independently or in combination with lasers. 1-3 treatments are needed. It is not painful or unpleasant.

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