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Cheek correction is one of the most important treatments. If you take a look at famous women you will see that they all have accentuated cheek bones and cheeks. Youth is determined by a triangular face, and with aging the fullness of facial central area diminishes. The gap between the lower eyelid and the cheek gets bigger. In the area of the lower jaw skin and fat tissue accumulate. The main goal of rejuvenation is to accentuate cheeks, to decrease the mentioned gap and to correct the central part of your face, i.e. compensate for the loss of fullness. Even though this is a minor procedure we significantly improve the look of your face because you look more fresh, rested, healthier, better and younger.  

Cheek correction is one of the main rejuvenating treatments which gives you a natural look and gives you back the look you had in your youth. With younger people accentuation is done in the area of the cheek bone. With older people it is necessary to bring back the lost volume and reshape the cheek. By correcting your cheeks you are also indirectly decreasing the bags and wrinkles under and around your eyes because the supplemented volume gives your skin support and decreases your eye bags by thickening your skin. If you take a look at skinny people you will see that they look older because of the loss of fat in the cheek area. 

Why do cheeks lower and get smaller?

Primarily, subcutaneous fat tissue which gives your skin support and volume starts to decrease with age. When the volume of this tissue drops below a certain level there are visible changes regarding  your face and wrinkles. Additionally, connective tissue gets weaker which induces further lowering of the cheeks. Subsequently the gap between the lower eyelid and the cheek grows bigger, which is one of the main signs of old age, which also gives you a tired and ill look. Muscles and ligaments are more visible and there is a purple color to the skin which creates a tear-through. Eye bags are more visible as well. 

By compensating for the volume with fillers or our own fat tissue we can improve this condition. Another option are silicon based implants but they are rarely used. If the connective tissue, i.e. ligaments are damaged then it is necessary to strengthen that tissue with an operational method with a subsequent compensation of volume. By lowering of the cheeks nasolabial wrinkles get worse, wrinkles in the corners of your lips (the so called “marionette lines”) deteriorate and extra skin is accumulated in the lower jaw area. By correcting one's cheeks we affect the other stated changes. 

What to expect from the treatment?

After the treatment smaller changes are visible, and this will intensify in the following days. A shorter period of adjustment is needed to get used to your new look and to see the treatment results. The changes are somewhat smaller but they significantly change your look for the better. You will look fresher, healthier, rested and generally better while your natural look is preserved. The key is to achieve that fullness in cheeks, i.e. the central part of your face with or without the accentuation of the cheekbones. By achieving the mentioned fullness of the central part of your face you will retrieve a more youthful look. The goal is to retrieve your former look, the one you had in your youth. To see the results, it is best to take a before photo and to compare it with the after treatment look. People around you will notice that you look better but won't be able to know what you did because of the natural look given by this treatment. This treatment indirectly decreases the bags under your eyes, nasolabial wrinkles and those in the corners of the mouth 

To whom do we recommend this treatment?

This treatment is generally recommended after you reach the age of 35, when there is a natural loss of fullness of cheeks, i.e. in the central facial area. It is especially recommended to people who had blepharoplasty between their 30s and 40s and have lost the mentioned fullness due to surgery. The treatment is recommend to younger people who are skinny and for that reason lack the fullness in their face. 

What does this treatment correct?

It is necessary to explain to the doctor what you wish to correct before the treatment:

  • accentuation of cheekbones
  • central part of the cheek
  • the area between the lower eyelid and the cheek
  • combination of the above


The goal of the filler is to compensate for the volume and create new collagen. There are various types of fillers used for stated purposes. The duration of the results depends on the filler type. When using fillers based on hyaluronic acid results last, in average, 9-15 months. With other types results may last even up to a few years. The volume needed depends on how much of your own volume has been lost. In average 1-3mm are needed. A local anesthesia is given with an injection (the one you receive at the dentists) or the procedure is done without anesthesia because some fillers contain anesthetics. After the treatment a minor swelling or some bruises are possible but they soon heal. In purpose of healing those minor side effects a heparin cream is used. For the bruises to become smaller or prevented, we recommend that you do not take vitamin E, ginko preparations, andol or any other anticoagulant.

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