Waist reduction belt love handles treatments in Croatia

Waist reduction (love handles)

Because of our lifestyle accumulation of fat in the area of thighs and loins is inevitable. Oftentimes we refer to these clusters as the “riding pants”. When you choose a nice outfit those cluster show their traitorous face and ruin your figure and cannot be hidden. They are accentuated the most when you are sitting or while you are bending. Oftentimes they are the reason why you do not wear tight clothes or shorter shirts. 

Unfortunately, no matter what we do those fat clusters cannot be removed. One of the reasons is poor circulation and metabolism in that area. Age, unfortunately, also induces the said accumulation regardless of our efforts to prevent it. But this doesn't have to be the case thanks to our methods and treatments.


Co2 is injected with the smallest of needles and destroys fat cells, strengthens the circulation and boosts metabolism. Injections are painless but while injecting the gas minor pain or discomfort is possible. There are no bruises or recovery time. 6 to 12 treatments are needed. 


6 treatments in intervals of 10 to 30 days are needed. Electromagnetic energy is used to provoke spinning in water molecules which then produce energy which destroys fat cells. They have a skin tightening effect at the same time. Initial results are not visible immediately but just before the end of the treatment or 2 to 3 months after the last treatment. The reason behind slow results is probably in your also slow metabolism. Final results are visible 9 to 12 months after the last treatment. That is why we recommend to start with the treatment sooner so the results are visible by summer. 


This is a method of choice for this area because it gives excellent results. Along with dissolving fat the skin is tightened with injections of phosphatidylcholine. This substance is a structural part of a cell membrane. Soy is used as a source of phosphatidylcholine therefor the method cannot be used with people allergic to soy. The substance destroys fat cells and boosts metabolism which makes it a natural killer of fat. In average 1 to 4 treatments are needed and volume is in average reduced from 1 to 3 cm with each treatment. The interval between treatments should be 5-8 weeks, injections are painless and the treatment is not uncomfortable. Some areas can be more sensitive. Bruises appear but heal within 4 to 7 days. Rarely the area can swell up and the swelling can last a couple of days. No leave time is needed. Within 30 days initial results will become visible and will improve with time. 

Fat dissolve

This method is identical to lipostabil only for injecting phosphatidylcholine electrical energy is used. This method is an alternative for people who are afraid of needles. 6 to 10 treatments are needed, and 1 to 2 treatments can be done per week. Initial results are visible when we finish with the treatments or 30 days after the treatment. Final results are visible in the following 6 to 9 months after the last treatment. 

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