Stretch marks laser removal treatment in Croatia

Stretch marks removal treatment

Stretch marks are damages done to the connective tissue due to fast skin stretching. We can say that they are scars of the connective tissue. With sudden stretching of skin, connective tissue cannot adapt as fast and gets damaged. Along with genetics the speed of skin stretching has a lot to do with stretch marks. The faster the stretching the bigger the damage. 

Genes determine the quality of our skin and connective tissue. With certain people connective tissue is of poorer quality and the tendency for stretch marks is higher. Stretch marks usually appear after sudden growth: in puberty, due to weight gain and pregnancy. They appear in body builders because of sudden growth of muscles. An adrenal gland tumor, because of enhanced secretion of the hormone cortisol, can cause stretch marks. With some people the cause is unknown. 

Where do they appear?

They appear in places witch are exposed to skin growth and stretching: shoulders, upper arms, breasts, abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks. 

What do they look like?

Initially they are of red/purple color and are of horizontal shape while later they become white. Size and shape significantly vary so they can be a few centimeters wide and long up to 20 centimeters. Usually they are at skin level while sometimes they can be above skin level. Most often they are parallel to one another. 

Can stretch marks be removed completely?

They cannot, but if they are not too big they can be significantly reduced and become almost invisible. After treatments stretch marks reduce significantly, but the loss of pigmentation is also less visible when compared to the before treatment condition. 

Red stretch marks

Initially they have a red/purple color because of a large number of blood vessels in them. If they are pressed their color fades because of the blood that is being pressed out. Best results are achieved with early treatments. Later loss of pigmentation cannot be prevented in most cases. 

White stretch marks

Retrieval of skin color is an unsolvable problem because pigmentation is destroyed and in most cases retrieval is impossible. A device with uvb rays is used in purpose of stimulating the development of pigment, whereby the treatment lasts 4 to 9 months with poor results. Another option is a special excimer laser which gives better results with a lesser number of treatments. Your last option is a fractional laser because it has been noticed that with some people after a few months there is a return of pigment. Not much is known on how the laser retrieves the lost pigment. One should start with treatments as soon as possible while the pigment cells are not completely damaged and prevent the development of white stretch marks. Regardless of stretch mark age very good results can be achieved, but unfortunately the retrieval of pigment is not always possible. 

How to prevent the development of stretch marks?

Stretch marks are very common. In most cases they can be significantly reduced with certain measures. During puberty and pregnancy using lotions makes sense. This is especially true for girls in puberty. In pregnancy and puberty stretch marks appear in the same places: breasts, abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs. It is recommended to use lotions against stretch marks in those areas at least 1 to 2 times a day. Food rich in protein and plenty of vitamin C are recommended. One should also try not to suddenly gain weight and muscle mass. When doing physical activity always wear a firm bra which gives you proper support. It is recommended to always wear a bra while walking because walking causes damage to the connective tissue and your breasts sag and stretch marks appear. By the end of pregnancy it is recommended to lotion critical areas in order to prevent stretch marks. 

Methods for stretch marks removal

For best results we recommend a combination of various treatments. 

What is important to known before the treatment?

First it is necessary to remove the red color caused by inflammation and then the stretch mark itself. For that purpose we use special treatments for redness removal and those for stretch mark removal. Removing the red color is not necessary and is only recommend to enhance the results. Usually the redness goes away on its own but after a couple of years.  

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