Skin tightening treatments in Croatia

Skin tightening

At the moment most devices for aesthetic-corrective procedures are advertised as skin tightening and body sculpting devices. In the past few years skin tightening treatments have almost over night become the most sought out and most popular treatments. Until recently surgery was the only solution for excess skin. Unfortunately, surgery leaves big scars followed by a long and painful recovery with complications. With non-invasive treatments which tighten the skin new hope dawned to many people with issues connected to excess of skin. 

How do skin tightening treatments function?

We can say that almost all treatments aim to damage the connective tissue and alert the organism to repair the damages and create new collagen while strengthening the existing one, which causes the skin to reshape. This reshaping is followed by a skin tightening effect with a decrease of skin excess. Skin can at the same time rejuvenate itself and adopt a new better appearance and quality. After the treatment skin tension is increased and is in a new position with new characteristics: it is softer, gentler, more tense and smoother. 

What is the goal of a skin tightening treatment?

The goal is to decrease any excess of skin due to reshaping of skin and sculpt the body. At the same time we wish to improve skin appearance and quality.   

Can excess of skin be removed completely?

Excess of skin cannot be removed completely, but it can be reduced significantly. 

Which devices are used for skin tightening?

There are numerous devices and methods which use various techniques and energy sources to provoke the necessary damage of the connective tissue. Lasers use optical energy. Radio-waves use electromagnetic energy. New devices appear daily along with skin tightening methods. 

When does the excess of skin appear?

  • During pregnancy and after childbirth.
  • Due to weight gain and loss.
  • With aging because of subcutaneous fat tissue loss. 

When do we resort to surgery and how does it work?

Surgery is used for extreme cases. The goal is to cut off the excess of skin and stitch up the edges. This is accompanied by big scars, drainage disorders and bruises. Special care is needed after the treatment. It is advised that before and after surgery one goes to treatments which strengthen circulation and drainage to make the recovery period as short and painless as possible. Surgery is unfortunately inevitable with extreme cases of excess skin but can be combined with one of the skin tightening treatments to gain best results. Since your skin quality will after surgery remain the same treatments will tighten and rejuvenate it, while improving the quality and appearance of your skin. 

What can be treated?

  • Face
  • Dewlap
  • Neck
  • Upper arms
  • Abdomen
  • Legs 

How to determine which device or skin tightening treatment to use?

First and foremost it depends on the area and skin quality. For best results a combination of various devices and methods is recommended. 

To whom do we recommend skin tightening treatments?

Usually these are the people who have lost weight and now cannot remove the excess skin. After childbirth massive connective tissue damages occur on the abdomen which deforms because of  excess skin and fat deposits. Certain amount of people have excess skin in their upper arms regardless of their exercise routine. With aging, due to loss of subcutaneous fat tissue, our skin loses support and our face starts to descend. Dewlap is a painful issue which cannot be corrected without a treatment, especially if its caused by excess skin. Liposuction also provokes excess of skin along with other skin irregularities such as various indentations. With skinny people excess of skin appears with aging, especially on thighs. 

When are the results visible?

Generally, the results are not visible immediately after the treatment because a certain time is needed for the organism to remove the damages and create new tissue. Consider it a longterm process which, depending on the method, i.e. treatment lasts for 3 to 10 months. After the treatment you will see certain results which will improve on a daily basis.

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