Ingrown hair laser treatment removal in Croatia

Ingrown hair and inflammation of the hair root

Usually an issue which bothers most women. Caucasian men are not as affected but with colored men this is a common problem. Apart from being an aesthetic problem this can be a health issue since inflammations can appear. The main cause for ingrown hair is that just before reaching the surface the hair starts going back and grows into the skin causing inflammation. Each hair leaves the skin under a certain angle and depending on the root angle there is a tendency of ingrowing. With stronger curly hair ingrowth is more common. 

With certain women plucking hair with tweezers provokes ingrowth. In the area of ingrowth scars and pigmentation appear as a result of inflammation. The biggest problem is that most people make it worse by touching the ingrown hair and trying to pluck them with tweezers. Do not touch ingrown hair. Usually ingrown hair can be seen under the surface or they are visible through skin. Many women avoid skirts because of that. 

Inflammation of the root

Folliculitis is the inflammation of the root of the hair. It can appear for several reasons. Usually it is a bacterial infection although it can be provoked by other infections, for example yeast. Excessive sweating, sitting, hairiness, tight clothes and non-permeable fabrics such as synthetics all provoke the inflammation. Hair removal, especially with wax or a razor make an opening for the infection to reach the root.

With men usually the chin and neck are affected, and with women it's the bikini zone. Just remember how many times you missed out on swimming because of an inflamed crotch. In the summer the buttocks are affected as well. Apart from pain a strong itch and uneasiness after hair removal are present, weather you do it with wax or a razor. Wax causes irritation of the hair root followed by inflammation. Folliculitis is not just an aesthetic issue because stronger inflammation of skin can occur which must be treated immediately. People with sensitive skin who need to shave a lot are prone to folliculitis. Typically men who have to shave often for work are affected. A wrong shaving technique and bad hygiene are also causes. Razors should be covered after use and cleaned with alcohol before use. Hair should be soaked in mild water before shaving to soften the skin. Gel is advised instead of foam. Strokes with the razor should be gentle, slow and not larger then 1 to 2 cm. 

Treating ingrown hair and root inflammation

Usually antibiotics are used which affect the after-effects and not the causes. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent hair ingrowth efficiently. With folliculitis it is necessary to remove the provoking factors: the correct shaving technique, comfortable cotton footwear, pay attention not to sit for too long in the summer, avoid waxing, change razors frequently. Do not lend your shaving equipment to others, every now and then use antibacterial products. If shaving is no good, we advise using a shaver. With men local retinoids help the skin to harden. Method of choice for treating ingrown hair and folliculitis is a laser which destroys the root of the hair with optical energy and can treat any upper body part. With men the affected area is usually the neck, and rarely the chin while in women it is the bikini zone with crotch and legs. The hair doesn't need to be removed completely, the goal is to thin them out so they do not grow in and to reduce shaving, i.e. waxing. 

How is the laser helpful with ingrown hair?

First it destroys the permanently ingrown hair. After the treatment it is not necessary to pluck the ingrown hair, the organism will eject them.  

How to get rid of the scars and pigmentation?

We recommend another type of laser, a fractional lasers. Usually they can be used only after the second hair removal treatment. 

I have a tendency for ingrown hair, how do I prevent scars?

Do not wait, start with preventive treatments at first signs of hair ingrowth, because usually the problem only gets worse.

How many treatments are needed?

Usually 2 to 4 treatments are needed to thin out the hair and stop ingrowth and folliculitis. 

What if in-between treatments I have an inflammation?

If this happens report as soon as possible so that we could remove just the ingrown hair. 

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