Fists, along with the decollete, are an area which reveal first signs of aging through pigmentation and thin skin. Fists and one's neck traitorously reveal our real age. Usually we are dealing with premature aging caused by longtime sun exposure which damages the skin making it thin, of low quality and sensitive to touch. Oftentimes even the smallest bumps leave bruises. Veins on fists become more accentuated because of thinness of skin. Until recently there were no adequate fist rejuvenation methods. Classical methods such as abrasion, peeling or erbium laser give poor results, with long and painful recovery with frequent complications. Today we can retrieve that youthful look in your fists so you don't have to hide them anymore. Depending on needed corrections, pigmentation or skin renewal, the physician will determine the treatment type where a combination of treatments is recommended since one treatment cannot affect all issues. At the same time you will receive creams and pills for skin rejuvenation. 

Fist care

Try to soak and wash your fists as less as possible because in that way you are removing their protective layer and drying and damaging the skin. Dry skin gives an old wrinkled look. Always put cream on your hands after you wash them, especially in winter. Sun is a huge enemy of your skin so decrease sun exposure. Your skin will be thankful and your fists will keep their youthful look. 

Which treatments are used?

AFT treatment

The treatment uses optical energy to destroy pigmentation made of damaged cells. Pigment, a substance which gives color, absorbs the energy and darkens which is a sign of a successful treatment. The treatment also strengthens the connective tissue, boosts metabolism and provokes the development of new collagen making the skin thick. The goal of the treatment is not just to destroy the pigment but to rejuvenate the whole fist and strengthen the skin so that it is not sensitive anymore. The whole fist must be treated because treating only pigmentation makes no sense. If you want an excellent result the whole surface must be treated because the whole surface is in fact damaged. This painless treatment lasts a couple of minutes and you will feel a tingling sensation during the treatment. In average 3 to 5 treatments are needed but if the fist is severely damaged an additional treatment is recommended so there are no complications. The initial treatment is of lower impact to see how the skin reacts, and with each next treatment the power is intensified. Among possible complications are minor superficial skin damages due to pigmentation damages, but this happens almost never. After the treatment your pigment will darken but this doesn't need to disturb you, you should just use the prescribed cream. Within 7 to 21 days the pigment will crumble and disappear. The interval between treatments is 4 weeks. The treatment doesn't remove the pigment completely which is not even necessary because after 3 to 10 years pigmentation is known to return because of skin damage. The treatment almost completely removes pigmentation. Apart from pigmentation removal the goal of this treatment is to improve the skin quality and condition. Do not soak your hands for a few days after the treatment. 


Electromagnetic energy which damages the connective tissue is used to provoke the organism to repair and create new collagen. Rejuvenation and skin tightening is the result. The skin becomes thicker and more resilient as well. The treatment is painless and there are no possible complications. 1 to 3 treatments are needed with a 30 day interval. The results are visible immediately after the treatment and they improve on a daily basis while it takes 9 months to see the final result. No recovery time is needed after the treatment.

Fractional laser

The goal is to induce microscopic damages beneath the skin surface which will then be ejected and replaced with new connective tissue. In that way pigmentation is removed and skin quality is repaired. The treatment is painless and provokes no complications. 1 to 3 treatments are needed and after the treatment your skin darkens as if you fell asleep in the sun. Hands should be taken care of with a prescribed lotion. Results are visible 9 months after the last treatment, which is the amount of time needed for the skin to completely restore. Up until then the results improve on a daily basis. 


Hyaluronic acid which is a structural part of our skin is used. With age it dissolves making the skin  dry, wrinkled and of lower quality. The acid is injected into the skin with the smallest of needles. The treatment is painless and isn't uncomfortable. Basically there should be no complications apart from rare bruises which heal within a few days. The goal of the treatment is for the skin to retrieve volume, tensity and firmness which is the role of hyaluronic acid. No foreign substances are injected into the body, this method is completely natural. The role of the hyaluronic acid is to link with water. When we press dry, damaged, old skin its creases take time to return to the initial state due to loss of water. If you do the same to a child, the skin retrieves quickly because of the amount of hyaluronic acid. After the treatment the skin quickly returns to its initial position. 1 to 3 treatments are needed. The treatment lasts for 3 to 9 months after which the hyaluronic acid completely disappears from the body but still additionally provokes the development of new collagen which is permanent. A maintenance treatment once a year is advised because with each time the results improve. 

Q switch KTP laser

Removal of pigmentation with optical energy. As a sign of success pigmentation darkens and crumbles. The treatment is painless and no recovery time is needed. 1 to 3 treatments are needed. 

Pulsed Dye laser

Is used for pigmentation removal and skin rejuvenation. 1 to 3 treatments are needed and it is possible that there will be bruises after the treatment which heal quickly. 

Erbium laser

Used for targeted removal of age warts or keratoses. 1 to 3 treatments are enough and there is no pain. Minor wounds can appear but heal quickly.

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