Best treatment for aging decollete body skin in Croatia

Best treatment for aging decollete

Most women see their decollete as a symbol of femininity. It is an area which is most exposed to sun throughout one's lifetime, and therefor carries marks: pigmentation, redness of skin, wrinkles, blood vessels, low skin quality and a lifeless skin look. By reaching the age of 30 first signs of skin damage will start to appear. To remove those signs of damage a combination of treatments is needed. Today it is possible to significantly remove or reduce the mentioned changes which have affected one's decollete. Until recently there were no treatments. 

Prevention of decollete aging

It is necessary to use high protective factors on a daily basis throughout the whole year and avoid the sun and solarium. Decollete and the lower lip absorb about 90% of sun radiation which justifies the enhanced protection. The main cause of skin damage is wearing clothes with a cleavage. Clothes without cleavage or treating the area with a protective factor cream 30 minutes before sun exposure is advised. It doesn't matter if you are going for a quick run outside, if you are in a shade, if there are clouds or you are behind a glass (for example in a car) the sun rays penetrate and damage your skin. Even in a car sun rays penetrate through and damage your decollete. Most importantly avoid the period when the sun is at its strongest, from 10 am to 17pm and don't stay in the sun longer than necessary. You do not need to be white because your skin can darken with moderate sun exposure after 17 pm, only more time is needed. In the long run pay offs are significant. 


Decollete skin is very damaged and extremely sensitive, therefor aggressive treatments are not suitable. With highly damaged skin 3 to 5 treatments are needed in average. With mild damaged 1 to 3 treatments are enough. The initial treatment should be done with weaker power to asses the skin reaction and laser power is then amplified with every other treatment to improve the results. The interval between the treatments is 30 days. It is important to determine the type of damage; pigmentation, redness, wrinkles or everything combined before the treatment and in accordance with that choose the treatment type. Generally more different signs of damage are visible simultaneously which is why sometimes combined treatments are in order.      

What types of treatments can be done?

AFT treatment

Blood vessels are burned and pigmentation destroyed with optical energy which gives your decollete its old glow. The goal is to make the pigmentation and skin redness, which are caused by blood vessels, turn black and peel of in a few days. Minor wrinkles are removed and your skin retrieves its look and quality. 


The principle is to damage the connective tissue with heat which is then repaired by the organism causing a rejuvenation effect. Wrinkles are reduced, the skin becomes smooth, soft and regains its elasticity. The final result is visible in the next few months. 

Neodymium Yag laser  

The principle and the effect are the same as with radio-waves but results are somewhat poorer. 

Fractional radio-waves

This treatment has a double effect: a peeling effect followed by tightening of skin which provokes the creation of new connective tissue and additionally reduces wrinkles. A high frequency electricity is used which then creates an electromagnetic field, i.e. radio-waves which change direction with great speed. This action affects the water molecules which start spinning and create an energy which damages the connective tissue and causes inflammation. The created damage and inflammation are a sign for the organism to create new connective tissue and reinforce the existing one with a strong tightening effect and skin rejuvenation. The peeling effect is achieved through skin contact with cone like extensions which then cause peeling and remove old damaged skin and replace it with new one. Superficial irregularities such as wrinkles, scars, pigmentation and enlarged pores are removed as well. This treatment is extremely quick, it lasts 30 to 60 seconds and there is almost no pain or unpleasantness. Your skin will remain red 1 to 3 days after the treatment although this redness can last just several hours whereby creams and cold compresses should be applied. The result is visible immediately although it improves daily in the next 6 months. 

Fractional non-ablative laser

This laser causes microscopic damages underneath the skin and removes old damaged skin. In that way pigmentation and wrinkles are removed. Damaged skin is thrown out of the organism and is completely compensated with new collagen.

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