Shaping buttocks

Shaping buttocks

Because of our lifestyle we have less time to care for ourselves. Usually our activity is focused on our work and home, and we travel by car. Physical activity is scarce and work is mostly sedentary. During pregnancy one has to rest and after childbirth all of your time is spent on your child. You used to have time for sports and now when you get home you feel like doing nothing. This story is probably familiar to you although this coin has another side as well. Consequently fat accumulates, followed by cellulite, on your thighs and buttocks. Your buttocks deform and your skin sags. Finally, once you change your lifestyle and begin with physical activity you are not successful in correcting those flaws which throws you into despair. Trust us, there is no room for despair because everything can be treated.

The role of our posterior

One's posterior is one of the most important attributes of femininity. It symbolizes fertility, for example numerous sculptures from history show an accentuated posterior. From middle ages women's curves are shown as a sign of attractiveness and motherhood. Today, in numerous cultures like African and Brazilian a woman is more desirable if she has a larger posterior. In Brazil gluteal augmentation is performed by implanting silicone. While some women try their best do decrease the volume of their posterior other try to make it bigger. 

What can be corrected with treatments?

A gluteal lift is not a realistic expectation because treatments are not meant for that. Oftentimes after the treatment your buttocks will be somewhat lifted but this is not always the case. You can reshape your posterior with treatments, tighten your skin, remove superficial skin irregularities like indentations, reduce stretch marks, remove fat clusters and cellulite and that orange peel look. Your posterior can be reshaped in a wanted form so your clothes can fit and look better. Treatments are not omnipotent and a healthy lifestyle, as a prevention from returning to your old condition, are recommended. One should watch their diet, drink enough water and be physically active. For best results sometimes it is necessary to combine more methods. 

Why is exercise important?

Once fat deposits and cellulite are removed your skin will lose the support it had in your fat tissue. By exercising you are developing muscles which lift your skin and give you an ideal figure and posterior form. Exercising is not mandatory but is recommended for longer and better results. 

What to do when your posterior is sagging or deformed?

In this case surgery is an option, usually in the form of implants which are inserted to lift your buttocks and give it a new shape. If needed, liposuction is performed. In that case one should consult with a plastic surgeon. 



This method affects almost all aspects of your posterior: tightens the skin, sculpts the posterior and reduces volume, reduces stretch marks and removes fat deposits with cellulite. 6 treatments are needed and the interval between treatments should be 10 to 30 days. No recovery is needed. 

Fractional non-ablative laser

Stretch marks you got in puberty, through weight gain or pregnancy can now be completely reduced. Unfortunately, stretch marks cannot be removed completely but can be reduced significantly. This is a treatment for stretch mark reduction but not for retrieving skin color. No recovery is needed and 1 to 3 treatments are required. 


A substance called phosphatidylcholine (a natural part of cell membrane) is used to destroy fat and boost metabolism of fat cells. It is injected with the smallest needles and the treatment provokes no discomfort. This method is excellent for removing fat deposits, it reduces the volume of your posterior, removes cellulite and orange peel skin. 2 to 5 days are needed for recovery because of bruises and minor swelling. 2 to 5 treatments are needed. 

Fat dissolve

This method uses electrical energy instead of injections for inserting phosphatidylcholine. It is recommended to people who have a phobia of needles. This method reduces cellulite clusters and removes that orange peel look. No recovery is needed and 5 to 10 treatments are usually enough. 

Fractional radio-waves

This method induces microscopic damages with electromagnetic energy beneath the skin surface which are then ejected and replaced with new tissue. This results in reduced stretch marks and tighter skin of better quality. 1 to 3 treatments are needed and there is no recovery period. 


Co2 is injected with smallest needles to destroy fat cells and remove cellulite. Also new tissue is created and stretch marks are reduced while the skin tightens. The treatment is a bit painful but there is no recovery time. 3 to 10 treatments are needed.

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