Birthmark removal laser treatments in Croatia

Birthmark removal laser treatment

Even today we do not know a correct definition of a birthmark. For example it is said that a birth mark consists of a special type of pigmented cell along with other tissue types. Most birth marks are benign but it is advised to regularly inspect them with a dermatologist at least once a year. Most people decide to remove birth marks out of aesthetic reasons or because of their location. The main method of removal is surgery which is the only correct method because the birth mark is completely removed and a histological analysis can be performed. 

Other methods do not remove birth marks completely, they just destroy it above skin level and the root stays. Lasers, burning with electricity or freezing are among these alternative methods. It is always best to remove a birth mark with surgery especially if it is pigmented. But there are exceptions when dealing with facial birth marks. Surgery would leave a scar, especially on one's face, nose or forehead. Laser is a method of choice in those cases because almost nothing can be seen after removal. Conditions for laser removal are age above 25, not a larger number of birth marks and no skin cancer in the family. 


Erbium laser

The laser destroys the birth mark mechanically, and depending on its size a local anesthesia is given (similar to that given by a dentist); if the birth mark is smaller no anesthesia is needed. In both cases the treatment is not painful or unpleasant. The treatment doesn't destroy the birth mark completely but a smaller part remains. A smaller scab remains after the treatment and falls off after seven days. There are no scars in the treatment area but minor superficial damages which are almost unnoticeable, and can be corrected if needed. In any case this is the method with best aesthetic results because all surgeries leave a scar, especially if the birth mark is on the nose. Usually we are dealing with colorless birth marks which appear after the age of 40. Unfortunately their number and size  grows with age and it is advised to treat birth marks as soon as possible, although it is never too late. Rarely a removed birth mark will return because a part was left behind but they are removed again with no problem. Generally one treatment is enough, but in case a birth mark returns the treatment is repeated. 

Co2 laser

Functions in the same way as the Erbium laser. 


Local anesthesia is injected so the treatment is painless. This method is usually used for pigmented body birth marks. We have to count on a minor defect or a scar which will be barely visible. But even if there is residue it can be corrected with a fractional laser. Unfortunately on one's back there is always scaring because of a large number of muscles which shift the skin and the edges of the wound and cause scaring. People with weaker connective tissue do not heal ideally as most people. Therefor with those people, like with back surgery, we have to count on a scar because it is something which doesn't depend on a surgeon. It is important to note that even if there is scaring it can be corrected.

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