Because of its size or shape the abdomen is a painful issue to many. We can be dealing with an increased volume and excess of skin after childbirth or weight loss. Treatments which are intended for the abdomen are for sculpting purposes only and not for weight loss. The goal is to decrease the volume, i.e. the size of the abdomen and to tighten the skin. 

It sounds incredible, but volume decrease, i.e. size of the abdomen is not in connection to weight loss which usually after the treatment stays unchanged. With a small group of people loss of several kilos can be noted. No matter how much you exercise, pay attention to your diet or starve yourself there is always fat on your abdomen which you cannot remove. It is similar with the excess skin which can never be reduced. Today we have numerous treatments at our disposal and methods with which we solve this. 

Who are the ideal treatment candidates?

People with an excess of body weight up to 10 kilos, who cannot seem to remove fat deposits despite paying attention to their diet and regular exercise. These people do not need to lose weight but to sculpt their body which is achieved with treatments. If we are dealing with weight excess higher than 10 and up to 20 kilos the treatments are conducted only as part of a weight loss procedure, regular exercise, change of lifestyle and diet. In that case these treatments are an aid in weight loss. Despite that realistic expectations are needed because results cannot be seen overnight. At the same time there are limitation to methods and treatments. A general lifestyle change is recommended in the aspect of nutrition and exercise.   

What do I have to do during the treatment?

  • Drink as much water as possible, at least 2,5-3 l a day. If there is not enough water your metabolism slows down which is beneficial to fat accumulation. The main reason for enhanced water intake is that with water broken fat deposits are more easily ejected through urine.
  • A scale is not necessary or even worth mentioning, forget the scale! During the treatment you should measure yourself at home and take notes. You could lose 1 to 2 confection numbers, without any change in your weight. During the treatment try wearing clothes you couldn't fit in before, because you can track your success in that manner. Also you can follow the changes in your volume with a tape measure.
  • Dieting and starvation are strictly forbidden because they only deteriorate your condition. Eat 4 to 5 times a day. Chew your food and eat slowly and swallow small bites. If you wish to lose weight decrease your total food intake by double but with the same number of meals. A Mediterranean diet is recommended. Get rid of sugar, milk, canned food, fried food and delicatessen.
  • Exercising is generally beneficial. For weight loss aerobic activity in duration of at least 30 minutes, such as bicycling, running or speed walking is beneficial. 

What should one do before the treatment?

It is necessary to decide whether you want to remove fat deposits, tighten your skin or both. Method choice and treatment choice depend on your wishes. For better results we recommend a combination of methods and treatments. Weight loss can be conducted parallel to treatments. 

What can I expect from the treatment?

We can state that 1 to 2 confection numbers are lost or 5 to 10 cm in volume. There are individuals with better results, but there is also a small percentage with poorer results. Weight changes are minimal and irrelevant. Depending on the treatment or method there is a tightening of skin followed by abdomen sculpting, which is important after childbirth or weight loss. 

Can stretch marks be removed?

If you have stretch marks on your abdomen they can be significantly reduced but never completely. Radio-waves along with skin tightening and reduction of fat deposits simultaneously affect the reduction of stretch marks. If stretch marks are strongly accentuated, a non-ablative fractional laser is recommended. 

Which part of the abdomen reacts poorly?

Usually we are talking about the area of highly damaged skin, usually caused by pregnancy, and sometimes surgery or laser lipolysis is needed. Generally, the area around the belly button needs 1 to 2 treatments more. 

To whom do we recommend this treatment?

To people with greatly damaged skin and excess of skin, where the lower part of the abdomen is sagging. After that through consultation additional treatments are arranged to improve the result. 

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