Neodimium YAG laser


Neodymium Yag laser has a 1064nm wave length. The bigger the wave length the deeper the laser penetrates the skin. This laser is special because of its deep penetration. The depth depends on the laser beam radius – the larger the laser the bigger the penetration. Our polyclinic uses a laser with the biggest beam radius of 2 cm. With this radius the laser can penetrate 1 to 2 cm  and is especially efficient for removal of hair which is deeply rooted. It is a non-ablative laser because there is no superficial skin damage. The main application of this laser is removal of hair and blood vessel formations.

The laser affects 3 types of chromophore: water, melanin and hemoglobin. Chromophores are substances which absorb a certain wave length which then causes various effects: stimulation, destruction... Since the laser is not dependent on the superficial pigment because of its wave length it is used for hair removal in people with darker or tanned skin without causing any skin damage. Therefor, unlike other lasers hair can be removed even during the summer. Other laser types for hair removal have a shorter wave length and more shallow penetration. Also they depend on pigment and skin color. The more pigment in the skin, the more energy is released along with skin damage. Therefor these lasers are not suitable for people with dark or tanned skin, especially during the summer. With technological progress it is possible to avoid these limitations. 

For what do we use the laser?

Primarily it is used for removal of blood vessels, hemangioma and hair. Hemoglobin is a protein in the red blood cells which absorbs the laser beam by releasing the energy which then destroys blood vessels. With this method capillaries, regardless of their color, and veins of 5mm in diameter can be removed. Because of its deep penetration this laser is the best method for removing capillaries and veins in one's legs. Hemangiomas, which are deeply located and are of purple color, can be removed with this laser with an excellent success rate. For people with darker complexion this laser is the method of choice for hair removal, although other skin types are treated successfully. 

Lately, facial and body tightening has been performed with this laser because damages of connective tissue occur which the organism then repairs. At the same time pores and wrinkles are reduced. This laser is also successful with acne and oily skin because it destroys sebaceous glands causing the face to grease less while the acne do not appear as much because of the anti-inflammatory effect. The application of this laser is expanded daily, for example on keloid treatments … Because of the excellent effect it has on the connective tissue it is used for rejuvenation. The laser has great success with leg capillaries and vein removal. 

What is important to know during the treatment?

Because of the deep penetrating effect of the laser, energy is released underneath one's skin which can cause superficial skin damages. It is extremely important to cool the skin surface so there is no overheating of the tissue and skin damages. Throughout the whole cooling treatment cold air is used to remove the discomfort of the treatment and possible skin damages. After the treatment the area should be treated with ice for 15 to 30 minutes in our facility and it is recommended to do the same at home in the following few days. In case of swelling, tingling and pain after the treatment, which can happen, it is necessary to report to the doctor immediately.

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