MedContour Multipower platform

the newest method for cellulite removal

MedContour Multipower is the newest global device in the world of  noninvasive methods for body contouring and tightening. 

The new revolutionary device uses ultrasound, radio frequency and drainage to thoroughly get rid of cellulite and fat tissue while smoothing and tightening the skin at the same time.

 Our big news is that MedContour Multipower now has a special extension for body tightening which combines radio frequency and ultrasound, making it the most appropriate platform for facial and body contouring: it reduces ones volume by providing a tightening effect. This is what makes MedContour Multipower revolutionary. 

The MedContour platform is used for reducing cellulite and belly volume while contouring ones waistline. At the moment this is the most efficient body volume reduction  device. It gives extremely good results when contouring ones knees and behind. Ideal candidates for Med Contour Multipower treatment are persons with 10 to 15 kg of excess weight. It also has excellent results in facial, neck and cleavage rejuvenation. While contouring ones upper arms with tightening and reduction goals, more treatments are needed in comparison to  other targeted areas.  

Two ultrasound heads

4 years ago I used ultrasound lypolisis for cellulite reduction for the first time. The method gave modest results in the area of thighs and knees. Today we have numerous devices which use cavitation, and manufacturers claim that the said devices help in the reduction of the above mentioned problems. They are partially right since it somewhat helps in the thigh and knee area, while results in other areas are modest or nonexistent. The reason lies in the fact that all those devices use one ultrasound head which destroys fat cells with its ultrasound energy. The biggest problem is that the head itself is not adequately shaped and does not cling to skin. Without good skin contact there will be no results. All these deficiencies have been solved with the MedContour Multipower device which took body contouring one step further. 

 What makes it different?

 MedContour platform attacks the cause of cellulite; inter-cellular space, thick and damaged support fibers, while at the same time destroying fat cells. It is extremely effective in destruction of fat cells. Its predecessor Med2Contour is the most awarded device in the field of aesthetic-corrective dermatology. The said device won almost every award two years in a row and has been proclaimed the best aesthetic device, while many scientific studies have been published on the theme. The treatment is painless and there are no known complications. The manufacturer advises minimally 3 to 5 treatments in the interval of 7-20 days. The MedContour platform device is significantly better than its predecessor when taking into account the results and numerous revolutionary solutions:  

  • For better contact, ultrasound heads are angled specifically to cling to skin, which is a precondition for treatment success. Vacuum is not needed. This is the only secure ultrasound device which destroys fat cells above skin level and does not penetrate the belly, unlike other similar devices that damage internal organs and are painful.
  • Ultrasound heads are significantly enlarged, giving improved results.
  • For the first time two ultrasound heads are used for destroying fat tissue.
  • Because of the two ultrasound heads the power of the device is magnified. 
  • Because of the position of the said heads the fat cells and cellulite are more isolated and thus can be destroyed more efficiently, especially when attacked from two sides. The performance of MedContour can be compared to a nutcracker, it uses the same power to melt and destroy cellulite deposits.
  • At the same time, lymphatic drainage is used for better and faster ejection of fat deposits, giving more permanent results which are visible sooner. 
  • 2 special extensions are used to combine ultrasound energy and radio frequencies to additionally burn cellulite along with the fat deposits while at the same time tightening the skin. There are 2 extensions: one facial and one body extension. 

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