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Priznati i nagrađivani stručnjak s najvećim brojem predavanja i objavljenih rezultata tretmana dr. Dinko Kaliterna

  • Prvi i jedini je član europske udruge za laser (ESLD) iz Hrvatske
  • 2008. godine Dr. Kaliterna postaje članom međunarodnih udruga za primjenu lasera ASLMS (American society for laser medicine surgery) i ISDS (International society for dermatological surgery).
  • Član je i međunarodne Akademije za oblikovanje tijela i laserske lipolize (The International Academy of Body Contouring and Laser Lipolysis).

O Vašoj sigurnosti i uspjehu tretmana brine

vodeći stručnjak doktor Dinko Kaliterna


Dinko Kaliterna was born in 1971 in Split, where he finished medical high school. He enrolled to Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb in 1990, and graduated in 1996. He then spends his internship working in K.B. Merkur in Zagreb and after finalizing his state examination in 1997 he goes to finish his military service which he spent working as a medic. After returning from the army, by the end of 1998, he spends 8 months in surgical units in several hospitals in Zagreb where he performs minor aesthetic-corrective procedures. 

He begins his specialization in dermatovenerology in 2000 at the Department for dermatology and venereal diseases Šalata. 

During his specialization he resides and works, total of 6 months of professional development, at highly acclaimed clinics for dermatovenerology, and in 2002 he enrolls into postgraduate studies in dermatovenerology. Beginning of 2004 he finishes his specializations exam. He is the author and co-author of numerous expert articles. 

In 2004 dr. Dinko Kaliterna establishes Poliderma Polyclinic 

He is the founder of the polyclinic Poliderma d.o.o., which opened its doors in September 2004. Areas of special interest to  dr. Kaliterna are aesthetic-corrective procedures, cosmetology, cellulite, anti-aging medicine and laser application. He is the first to introduce the method of integrated dermatology in Croatia: more experts of various specialties give their opinions to the client and compare them so that the best solution for the client could be found.

Dr. Kaliterna pays special attention to continuous professional education and has participated as a lecturer in the most prominent conference meetings

Up until now he participated in most regional and numerous international conferences, and he pays special attention to future professional education. He is a pioneer in applying the most modern technologies and knowledge from the field of dermatovenerology, aesthetic-corrective procedures and laser application. He is continuously perfecting himself especially in the field of aesthetic-corrective dermatovenerology, laser application and anti-aging medicine in famous European clinics.

Global congress Portorož 2015, open only for leading scientists

He writes expert columns in various media on a regular basis

He writes and publishes articles and answers reader's questions on web pages Pliva, Cybermed, Vitamini. Up until now his articles have been published in numerous newspapers, magazines and weeklies – Nacional, Jutarnji list, Život I zdravlje, Glorija...

He participated as a guest on most Croatian radio stations. On television he participated in the following shows: RTL Exkluziv I Exploziv, Zagrljaj ljepote, Dobro jutro Hrvatska, kod Sanje, the Maja talk show and other.

Recently dr. Dinko Kaliterna became a member of the Dermatologic aesthetic surgery international league (DASIL) the largest and most important association of dermatologists and plastic surgeons

DASIL primarily focuses on application and development of newest technologies, lasers and treatments in purpose of aesthetic-corrective procedures. The organization founder is one of the most prominent global experts in the field of laser application dr. M. Gold. His vision is that knowledge and experience should be shared, and his desire is to connect all global physicians who practice aesthetic-corrective procedures through a network in purpose of better communication and exchange of knowledge and experience. The organization itself is a non profit one and its main goal is development of technology and science. Recently, most prominent global physicians responded with their desire to help further the development of the organization and science with their work, knowledge and experience.

The majority of global experts already joined this organization. Each member has certain obligations and responsibilities which he/she must perform for the organization to work efficiently. There is a number of other organizations within the DASIL. What makes DASIL different from all other similar organizations is the accent that is given to the transfer of knowledge and education onto younger colleagues and by the fact that wealthy companies cannot affect the work and opinions of the association. The association is transparent and is funded by its members. DASIL is currently becoming the most important leading organization in the field of aesthetic-corrective procedures and to be accepted is one of the highest commendations and awards to any physician for his/her work and contribution to science.


Article about Doctor Kaliterni published on the portal - read more on the link:


Monte Carlo AMWC 2017 15TH Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress

Pariz IMCAS World Congress 2017

Pariz IMCAS World Congress 2016

23. World Dermatological Congress

2. Regional Corrective Dermatology Congress, Ljubljana

International antiagening congress, Warsaw

European training session on Thermi RF, Thermi 250, Thermi Va, Hamburg

Professional conferences:

  • 2017 Monte Carlo - AMWC 2017 15TH Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress
  • 2017 Paris - 19th IMCAS
  • 2016 Bled - Laser & Health Academy
  • 2016 Madrid - International Teoxane Expert day
  • 2016 Vienna - 25th European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology
  • 2016 Barcelona - 7th 5CC - World Laser Congress
  • 2016 Monaco - Antiaging Medicine World Congress
  • 2016 Paris IMCAS World Congress 2016
  • 2015 Copenhagen, Denmark - 24th EADV congress
  • 2015 Warsaw - International antiageing congress
  • 2015 Ljubljana - 2nd Regional Congress of Corrective Dermatology of the 21st Century
  • 2015 London – Aesthetic Medicine Live 2015
  • 2015 Anti-aging Medicine World Congress
  • 2015 Paris – IMCAS world conference
  • 2014 Barcelona – Global conference on non-surgical facial and body sculpting with the Silhouette soft method
  • 2014 Barcelona – World wide experts meeting
  • 2014 Amsterdam – EADV 23rd international conference
  • 2014 Budva
  • 2014 Zagreb – a lecture in the Croatian pharmaceutical association
  • 2014 Monte Carlo – Anti-Aging Conference
  • 2014 Paris – IMCAS, one of the biggest and most important global conferences
  • 2013 Dubrovnik – ISDS conference
  • 2013 Monte Carlo – Anti-Age Conference
  • 2012 Paris – IMCAS
  • 2012 Monte Carlo – Anti-Age Conference
  • 2011 Paris – IMCAS
  • 2011 Monte Carlo – Anti-Age Conference
  • 2010 Paris – IMCAS
  • 2010 Monte Carlo – Anti-Age Conference
  • 2009 Paris – IMCAS
  • 2009 Monte Carlo – Anti-Age Conference
  • 2009 Paris – IMCAS
  • 2009 Monte Carlo – Anti-Age Conference
  • 2008 Paris – IMCAS
  • 2008 Monte Carlo – Anti-Age Conference
  • 2007 Paris – IMCAS
  • 2007 Monte Carlo – Anti-Age Conference
  • 2006 Paris – IMCAS
  • 2006 Monte Carlo – Anti-Age Conference
  • 2005 Paris – IMCAS
  • 2005 Monte Carlo – Anti-Age Conference

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